Content Management

A website you can update yourself!

One of the best ways to keep people coming back to your site is to keep the content fresh. With all of the work put into a site, you don’t want it to remain the same for months after the launch. A website that never gets updated sends the wrong message to prospective clients. For companies with limited time and staff, BWD亞洲Av 歐美a V 日本A V maintenance services are often the perfect solution for keeping the website content current. You send us the updates you want to make and we will make them right away.

For companies that want full control of their website and the ability to make a change instantly, a Content Management System (CMS) could be the right answer. Without having to know HTML or other programming, users can login to their website to add, remove or modify content. Users can post news, articles, photos, calendar events, videos, and other content. A CMS with e-commerce capability enables users to sell products and maintain product inventories simply through their website.

Boston Web Designers has been developing systems for many years and we pride ourselves in providing custom CMS solution to meet the exact needs of our clients. And, all of our CMSs are SEO亞洲Av 歐美a V 日本A V-friendly. If you are on a tight budget, we’d be happy to discuss the possibility of integrating your site with an open-source content management system.

You’ll never be on your own with Boston Web Designers support team!

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